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Growing Edible Trees, Shrubs and Plants.

Butternut trees, Buartnut, black walnut trees, hazelnut trees, ribes rubrum shrubs, blackcurrant, ribes nigrum, are just some of the trees, shrubs and bushes we grow at Little Tree Farm plant nursery on Wentzells Lake, Nova Scotia.

We love talking to community members, plant organisations and tree lovers about all types of plants, trees and shrubs. Growing everything we offer in our own soil right here at our nursery. 

What Trees Do I Plant?

Do you want edible trees?
Are you looking for edible shrubs?
Searching for native plants for your local area or for your restoration projects?

Little Tree Farm has selected a number of plants that grow in various zones in North America.
Growing all our plants here at our nursery in Wentzell Lake, Nova Scotia.
We start these trees and pass them onto you, for your garden, property or project.

Hazelnut-Little Tree Farm

A few things to consider when choosing what to plant:
1. How much space do I need to grow this plant?
2. Can this tree or shrub accompany or grow with other plants?
3. What will the plant produce?
Thinking about the layout of your yard and where each of these trees
will be planted is a great way make real your gardening dreams.


Little Tree Farm - Plant Nursery

Community Commitment

Engaging with our local community to distribute trees and plants. 

Have Some Questions

Let’s connect 😀

Nature Is Amazing!

We love nature. Growing and sharing some of it with you is our found passion.

Restoration Projects

Interested in riparian zone protection, native plant restoration, food forest planting or nut orchards.
Reach out today.

Growing In Dirt

We make our soil, sow the seed, plant the plant. Love the process.

Growing Plants

There is something about watching a tree grow that gives us joy.

Little Tree Farm Reviews

Ordered Buartnuts and Walnuts. Received tracking number for shipping and arrived a few days after $ was sent. Was packaged well.
American Persimmon Fruit - Little Tree Farm
Vanessa Richardson
Very happy with our order. The ordering process was simple and shipping very fast. We can’t wait to plant some trees. Would highly recommend!
Red Mulberry Branch With Fruit - Little Tree Farm
Amanda Cunningham
Purchased nut tree seeds 2 years in a row. 100% would recommend. Great service, great communication.
Black Walnut Growing On Tree - Little Tree Farm
Darren DeCoste
hazelnut in husk - Little Tree Farm

The Seed

Starting nut plants, fruit plants and native plants. We want to share these plants with all who are willing.

Garden with birds during sunrise - Little Tree Farms

The Realization

In every tomato there are 100 tomato plants.

Staghorn Sumac native plant - Staghorn sumac tree - Little Tree Farm

Planting Trees

We want others to enjoy the life of plants. We grow trees and plants for everyone.

How To Start a Food Forest!

Long Term Food Solution In These Trees.

Perennial Food Crops.

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