Flowering Trees and Shrubs

When choosing your ornamental plants for your garden this year. There are 2 things I recommend to think about.

Do I want a tall plant?
Do I want a small plant?

The Catalpa tree is the only ornamental tree on our list today.
A beautiful specimen with large white flowers in the late spring. Growing to a height of 50 something feet. The Catalpa tree makes a wonderful feature in your yard, around your house, in an open field and will grow by the forest line.
Show it off as a focal point on your property.

Well. Thats everything else we have.
5 different shrubs to choose from and luckily each has a different colour for your choosing. Thats 5 colours to choose from!

Get Forsythia and Honeysuckle for your first spring blooms!
When you need a burst of colour to brighten up the browns and greys of the winter months now behind you.

White flowers! Yes. Dried flowers! Yes.
The Smooth Hydrangea. White flowers all summer long. And cut your flower heads before they go to seed and you will have the most delightful dried flowers all winter,  inside your home.

Red Osier Dogwood (native) and Golden Willow for your winter gardens.
That’s right! Winter is a gret time to appreciate your garden scenery.
These 2 plants have red and yellow stems and branches to add colour to your snowy yard.

Are you looking for colourful leaves?
A small shrub for near the house. This one also makes a great border or hedge.
It’s Dappled Willow. 
Pink and green leaves will cover this shrub for all of the summer. While most of your other shrubs will be showing their green leaves the Dappled Willow will be telling you to “look over here”.
A real head turner and show stopper. Every garden should have a Dappled Willow in the mix.

Check out the trees and shrubs below!
Choose your favourite colour flower or stems!
Choose your tall or shrort tree or shrub!
Choose direct shipping or pick up at the checkout!

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