The Top 5 privacy screen plants to grow.


Discover the secret to creating a serene and private garden space with our guide to the top 5 Privacy Screen Plants in Canada. Whether you’re nestled in the heart of Nova Scotia, amidst the diverse landscapes of Ontario, or anywhere across this vast country, these plants are not only visually stunning but also practical for creating natural privacy. From robust nut trees to lush native shrubs, our selection is tailored to meet the needs of every Canadian gardener.

1. Hazelnut Tree

Hazelnut-Little Tree Farm

The Hazelnut Tree, a popular nut tree in Canada, particularly in Nova Scotia, is perfect for creating natural privacy screens. With a height of 12 feet and a width of 8 feet, these trees can be planted about 10 feet apart to form a dense hedge. Their dark green foliage in summer and pale brown leaves in fall make them a visually appealing choice year-round.

Hazelnut Tree Care:

  • Water regularly, ensure well-drained soil.
  • Plant in full sun to partial shade for best growth.

2.American Highbush Cranberry

Little Tree Farm - Flower-cranberry-green

A native plant of North America, the American Highbush Cranberry is admired for its red berries and is a great choice for bird lovers. It’s an ideal plant for Nova Scotia native gardens, providing privacy and beauty.

American Highbush Cranberry Care:

  • Thrives in moist, well-drained soil.
  • Full sun to partial shade is best.

3.Nanking Cherry

nanking cherry ripe fruit -Little Tree Farm

The Nanking Cherry, a beautiful plant with pink blossoms and edible sour cherries, is perfect for privacy screens. This hardy perennial is a fantastic addition to any Canadian garden.

Nanking Cherry Care:

  • Prefers well-drained soil and full sun.
  • Prune after flowering to maintain shape.


LITTLE TREE FARM - Serviceberry​

Serviceberry, a towering beauty among Ontario native plants, offers sweet pear-flavored fruits and gorgeous white spring flowers, making it an excellent choice for a tall privacy screen.

Serviceberry Care:

  • Requires full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil.
  • Prune to maintain desired shape.

5. Elderberry

Little Tree Farm - Elderberry

Elderberry, a fast-growing native plant of Canada, is excellent for separating areas of your property. Known for its edible black berries and lime green leaves, it’s one of the best choices for a privacy screen.

Elderberry Care:

  • Prefers full sun and well-drained soil.
  • Prune annually for better berry production.

Conclusion :

Elevate your garden with our selection of privacy screen plants tailored for Canadian landscapes. From Nova Scotia’s rugged coastlines to Ontario’s rich soil, find the perfect plant to create your tranquil garden retreat.

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