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Hazelnut Tree


5 Great Reasons to Plant a Hazelnut Tree


  1. Easy to crack shell.
  2. Easy to pick from the tree
  3. Produces nuts in 3 – 5 years
  4. Fast growing tree
  5. Versatile! Plant as a hedge, on it’s own or in an orchard
    Choose between 3 of our different hazelnut tree seedlings.
    Geneva – Biggest nut
    Santium – Sweetest nut
    Northern – Most cold hardy nut

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Did you know the Hazelnut Tree needs a partner tree?
Yes, thats right. The hazelnut tree needs a pollinator tree to grow nuts.
Pick at least 2 different varieties when selecting your hazelnut tree seedlings.

Our hazelnut trees are a shrub-like tree, growing to a height of about 15-25 feet.
The hazelnut tree has a round, spreading crown and produces small, fragrant flowers in the spring.
These flowers develop into a group of 1 – 4 green husks with the nuts inside.
These mature into the delicious brown hazelnuts we are all familiar with and can eat.

All nuts need to be cracked. And the easiest one is said to be the hazelnut. The shell is thin and the kernals are big.
Once you have your hazelnuts collected from the tree its time to crack them. Use any regular kitchen nutcracker to get inside these nuts and taste the flavour.

As the hazelnut tree is a smaller tree than most nut trees they are easy to pick from. The nuts are usually growing at an arm’s reach and the higher branches are very flexible to pull down to your level or to your picking partners hands and baskets. Pick them from the tree when the nut can be twisted around in the husk

Out of all the nut trees the hazelnut tree is the quickest to produce. Our trees have been grown in a top quality, composted soil mix and they have reached a height of 2 – 3 feet in their first year. Growers have seen nuts in the first 3 years. On average you’ll see nuts in 3 – 5 years time. Well surpassing the waiting times on other types of nut trees, producing in 8 plus years.

If you want a fast growing tree then the Hazelnut is the choice. Once you plant these trees in their forever homes leave them to flourish.
Can we add compost and mulch to our trees? Of course!
Add a good helping of both each year to encourage new shoots and to keep your plant healthy.

How do I plant my Hazelnut tree?
We send your trees as bare root trees. The roots are wrapped and kept moist on their journey to you. Plant them within 3 days of recieving them.
Hazelnuts are great for planting as a privacy hedge, with multiple trees in rows you can create a garden screen, border, or shelter for other plants and shrubs. The hazelnut is great growing as a pair in the garden or as a focal point tree. And if you’re creating a hazelnut orchard keep the trees 20 feet apart for maximum efficency.

How do I choose my hazelnut tree?
Choose from the 3 varieties of our hazelnut tree seedlings below.
1. Geveva – Biggest Nut
2. Santium – Sweetest nut
3. Northern – Most cold hardy nut.
You will need to have more than 2 different varieties for the pollination and nut production.

Tree Sizes:
A+ sized trees
= 2- 3 feet in height
A sized trees = 1 – 3 feet in height


Hazelnut Varieties Grown From Seed


  • High-performing hybrid tree
  • Prolific producer of nuts.
  • Large nuts and slightly oval in shape
  • Pick in mid to late September
  • Used as a pollinizer
  • Grows well in zones 5-8
  • Female flowers are hardy in climate zones 6-8



  • Smaller tree and higher yield efficiency
  • Sweet tasting nut
  • Higher kernel percentage with medium sized nuts
  • Earlier nut maturity
  • Well-suited to small orchards or backyard gardens
  • Recommended hardiness zones 6-8.



  • Thrive in cold climates.
  • Mixed with a a type of Asian hardy hazelnut
  • Smaller than standard European varieties
  • Reaching a height and width of 10-14 feet tall (3-4 meters)
  • Considered hardy in zone 3b,
  • May be able to survive in zone 3a.

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Hazelnut – A+, Northern – A+, Geneva – A+, Santium – A+, Hazelnut – A, Northern – A, Geneva – A, Santium – A


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