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Black Walnut Tree (juglans nigra)


The Best Nut Tree to Grow in 2024!


Is the Black Walnut tree!
It offers some of the best tasting nuts.
Towering over any nut tree growing today.
The taste?
A smooth dark flavour. Some would say smokey.

You can crack and peel these nuts when they fall from the tree between September and November each year.

Eye witness reports online have shown that
the Black Walnut Tree can be grown in the coldest
of the planting zones 2 and the warmest of zones 8.

Making it a strong choice to plant from British Columbia through to Nova Scotia. (sorry Nunavut).

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If you’re looking for the ultimate food forest plant, then a black walnut is essential.
Its the powerhouse of nut trees.
Tall, strong and sturdy. But almost tropical looking. The leaves swaying in a palm tree island, type of way.

Used as a backdrop to your garden, landscape or in an orchard style setting.
Even as your feature tree in the front or backyard. And the best thing it produces edible nuts.

Edible Nuts of course is at the top of the list when describing the black walnut tree.
The tree produces delicious edible nuts each year from around the age of 8.

Not your typical walnut, like the commercial variety found in your local supermarket.
The black walnut has a unique flavour. Smokey, bold, hearty and tasty.
Once you have cracked the nut from the shell, go ahead and eat them raw or in your favourite cake or cookies. Yum!

One of the easiest nuts to pick.  They fall from the tree to the ground every autumn. Place them right in your bag or bucket!
Pick up soft green golfball size husks. Some bigger when the weather conditions are right, throughout your growing year.
If you have enough trees producing nuts then selling the nuts can be profitable too.

If you’re looking to the black wanut tree for some extra income then timber production is an option.
The largest mature black walnut tree I know of, has sold for a whopping $50,000 CAD.
Yes. That much.
It is a highly sort after timber for furniture makers.
Strong, durable, and has an amazing dark colour.

On average, 30 year old trees for timber production can be valued around $1000 each.
With 50 black walnut trees per acre it could be worth $50,000 an acre.
Grow it out to a 50 year old tree and you’ll double your value at $125,000 plus per acre.

Choose 2 Trees.
Choose 2 or more Black Walnut trees for planting.
This is to help with the pollination.
Which will give you a “very” healthy harvest.

How big will my black walnut tree grow?
These black walnut trees can grow to a mature height of 80 feet.
Give it plenty of sunshine and you will be staring at a height of a 50 footer in no time.

Can I grow my black walnut in the shade?
Yes. The black walnut is a forest tree and will produce nuts and grow great in the shade.
The more sun it has the more nuts it will produce.

How much are the Black walnut trees?
All our nut trees are $15.

How do I plant my black walnut tree?
Your black walnut trees come as bare root seedlings approximatley 1-3 feet tall.
Their roots are wrapped and kept moist on their journey to you.

Dig a hole, one and a half times the root structure. Add compost.
Plant them within 3 days of recieving them.

Black walnut trees can grow as close as 3 feet apart. If you need them close plant them 10 feet apart.
In an orchard setting and to maximize your nut and timber production plant them 15 feet apart.

How do I choose my black walnut trees?
Select your total quantity of black walnut tree seedlings.
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We only have a limited supply of trees each year.
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