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Complete Flower Garden Mix – The Best Flower Seeds For your Garden


A complete mix of flowers to bring colour to your garden this year. The very best flower garden mix. Hand picked and packed direct to your garden. All the seeds to start a flower garden.

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Welcome to your Complete Flower Garden Mix.
Plant these best flower seeds into your garden, let them be, watch them grow and from summer to autumn you will have the most colourful garden. The neighbours will be walking by daily just to get a glimpse of the colour in your new garden.

What’s Included With The Complete Flower Garden Mix?
You won’t need to plant anymore flower seeds then this Complete Flower Garden Mix provided by Little tree Farm. The colours of this mix will range from blue, red, pink, yellow, orange and white flowers. Wait………… did I forget to mention purple, mauve, lilac and magenta.
Sounds Great! But what type of best flowers seeds do I get?

Included are tall Sunflowers growing up to 6 feet high, the pretty in pink Foxglove growing up to 5 feet high. Anise Hyssop with the colour of purple, growing up to 2-3 feet high and looking spectacular against the back drop of your house or fenceline.




The climber – of course is Morning Glory, which we think no garden is complete without. The Morning Glory will climb any trellace, tree, pole, rope or string or anything it can hold onto. You can watch the blue, purple and white flowers bloom in the early morning acting like a trumpet to greet the sun each day. The amount of growth the Morning Glory can put on in a year is amazing, it will grow and stretch out to 12 or 14 feet.


You get 7 types of flowers with the Complete Garden Flower Mix. YES! 7 packets of flowers. All the packets are labelled so you can see exactly which seed you will plant into your garden. All the seeds are ready to plant as soon as the weather becomes warm and there is no chance of frost in your area. You can direct sow these best flower seeds into your garden beds, plant pots or at the favourite sitting place in your garden.

Next comes Calendula or commonly known as Pot Marigold. It feels like an endless flowering shrub. Growing to 1 foot high and lasting right through into the first frost of the Autumn, the yellow and orange brightness it creates brings all the pollinators to your garden. Plant them at the end of your vegetable rows to make sure your vegetable plants will bare fruit each year.


and Nicotiana, an extremely showy 5 foot tall flowering plant, with wave after wave of fragrant white flowers from summer to frost.


Last but not least the Holly Hock with yellow, pink or red flowers. The colour depends on how the bees interacted with each flower and which bees pollinated each flower.
A classic cottage garden staple, hollyhocks bloom mid-summer with numerous flowers on tall spikes. If you’ve got a cottage garden, it’s just not complete without a few hollyhocks gracing the edges.


Will My Flowers Attract Butterflies and Hummingbirds?
Each of the flowers in the Complete Garden Flower Mix has its own fragrant smell and can attract hundreds of pollinators each day.
These do include butterflies and hummingbirds, but also dragonflies and other garden loving insects that help your garden to flower and bloom into the pretty colours you see here.

Where Are Your Seeds Grown?
Our seeds are organically grown in a permaculture garden on the South Shore of Nova Scotia in a place called Wentzells Lake. We are a small family farm with 4 children. We all love being in the garden together growing and picking, planting and smelling beautiful flowers, each and every day of the growing season here.

What Hardiness Zone Do These Seeds Grow?
3 of these flower types are annuals and will grow for the season, but you can collect the best flower seeds to save them for next year. The other 4 types are perennials and grow down to zone 3 and will come back to life each year to keep your garden colourful and bright in the summer sun.

Do I Save Money Buying This Many Seeds?
YES! When you buy the Complete Garden Flower Mix there are 7 different flower types in 7 different packets of seeds. BUT……….

Today you only pay for 5 packets of seeds for the one time price of $25 CAD with FREE SHIPPING
So, with a value of $35 you are getting a 35% discount on the Complete Garden Flower Mix from Little Tree Farm.

Did You Know?
As an added bonus some of these beautiful flowers will self seed into your garden year after year, so you don’t have to keep purchasing seeds.

How Do I Buy My Seeds?
To purchase the Complete Flower Garden Mix today with your 35% discount and free shipping just scroll to the top of the page and select the “add to cart” button. Proceed to the checkout and enter your name and mailing address and enter your payment information.

When Will I Recieve My Seeds?
We will ship your seeds within 3-5 days of recieving your mailing information.

Scroll to the top of the page to get your seeds today!


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