Easy Sourdough Starter


The list of ingredients in shop bought bread is longer than my arm!
Make bread with the the most basic list of ingrediants.

Welcome to the world of Sourdough Bread making.
First things first.
You need our secret ingredient.
What is it?
Its dehydrated sourdough starter.
Follow our simple steps to activate your sourdough starter and you will be making delicious bread and treats in no time!

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The world has forgotten the art of bread making.
But… when you learn the secret of making the most flavourful and delicious bread, you will wonder why.

This sourdough starter is the key ingredient behind the world’s most delicious and healthy bread.
Sourdough Bread. YUM!

Our easy sourdough starter is made from the finest natural organic flour.
It took some time and patience to capture this wild yeast.

How Do I Make Sourdough Bread?
To start making sourdough bread. You need to have a sourdough starter.
Our sourdough starter has been sent all over the world to many other bakers.
It is ready to use.

Why Do I Need a Sourdough Starter?
A sourdough starter is a mixture of flour and water that captures and cultivates wild yeast from the environment.
It creates a combination of microorganisms allows the starter to ferment helping the bread to rise and giving it’s distinct flavour.
Sourdough starters have been used for centuries in bread baking, predating the use of commercial yeast.

What Do I Get?
You get 10 grams of dehydrated sourdough starter.
FREE sourdough starter recipe instructions to get your starter activated.
Your starter has been through a dehydration process.
When you get it home, You just need to rehydrate it.

Follow our simple steps
, and you will have it bubbling again and baking the most delicious bread and treats.
And your taste buds will thank you for it.

Is Sourdough Bread Good For You?
It’s easier to digest.
Has a lower glycemic index.
Better for Gluten sensitivity.
Provides healthy bacteria.
and it’s nutritious compared to many other types of bread.

100% Works Everytime Guarantee
After following the instructions to get your sourdough starter started.
We 100% guarantee that our sourdough starter will activate.
If it doesn’t, than we will send you a full replacement sourdough starter ASAP.

With your new active easy sourdough starter you can bake bread, pancakes, muffins, or a plethora of different recipes.
Enjoy your baking and we hope your journey to sourdough city is filled with excitement.

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