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Heartnut Tree


The 5 Best Features of The Heartnut Tree

1. Grows delicious edible nuts.
2. Easy to pick from the ground each autumn.
3. Care free – Easy to maintain.
4. Fast growing.
5. Great shade and grass can grow underneath.

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Another beautiful edible nut tree is the Heartnut Tree.
YES! It resembles a heart!
It was introduced to North America from Japan over 100 years ago and is now recognised as one of the best ornamentals of the nut tree species.
With it’s luxurious, almost tropical foilage, the heartnut provides a dense shade, yet grass still grows under it.

The heartnut, along with other members of the japanese walnut species, thrives in both clay and sandy soils.
Nut tree experts describe it as a “veritable goat in it’s feeding habits, making it a rapid grower.”

Growing to approximately 50 feet high It can make a perfect frontyard feature tree.
Grow by the edge of the woods or in your fruit and nut orchard.

The nut form is described as heart shaped with a short flat base and pointed tip.
It produces sometimes 10 or more nuts in a cluster. Growing right out on the edge of the branchlet.
Their flavour is creamy, smooth and buttery which tastes much like the Butternut.

Every autumn these nuts will start to ripen and drop to the ground.
This make it easy picking. Collect them straight from the earth below your tree.
Because of it’s many good features the heartnut and other japanese walnut trees receive a lot of attention from plant breeders.

It’s native home is Japan. Growing between zones 5 through 8.
Which is a very similar climate area from Nova Scotia, Canada,  all the way down to Georgia, USA.

This hybrid heartnut tree is a cross between a japanese heartnut and a butternut tree.
These sapling trees are a first year plant and grown to approx 1-3 feet in height.
They are shipped safe to you as bare root trees.

Select 2 Heartnut trees for better pollination and nut production.
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