Discover the Secret to The World's Tastiest Bread

Long Lost Secret Bread Ingrediant You Weren't Told About!

Our Grandmothers used to bake bread and their Mothers used to make bread. We all have a long line of family history in the bread making industry. 
The world has forgotten the art of bread making. When you learn the secret of making the most flavourful and delicious bread, you will wonder why. 
Why did people forget? Why were we not told these secrets of bread making? It’s Simple! 

What The Bread Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know.

Remember the days when you were just going to “go out for some milk and bread”? Each time we do our weekly shopping we always throw in a loaf or two of bread. It’s a staple in everyones diet! You can eat bread with every meal. Make toast for breakfast with your favourite spread. A sandwich for lunch, peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, chicken and salad, am I right? And can we give Mom a round of applause when she brings in a cut up loaf of sliced bread with a delicious beef stew or vegetable soup. When we can sit down and eat our almost last meal of the day. Evening supper! Sitting down with the family and breaking bread has been deeply intertwined in us for generations. 
Enter the BIG BREAD BAKERY BAND OF BANDITS. Duh, duh, dum! These factory bakery outlets that, 1. Wrap their bread in plastic, 2. Use unhealthy preservatives and 3. Have a list of ingredients that you need a PhD to decipher! They’ve got us by the tail, and they ain’t lettin’ go! We’re trapped in their game and there’s no escape. They want you to keep buying bread of those shelved forever! But wait…..Isn’t there another way? Yes! You can break free from the chain stores. You can eat better bread than that plastic wrapped, shelf stable, sugar, and ingredients loaded loaves of “so called” bread. It’s why the bread manufacturers keep their mouths zipped tight. They lock ’em up and throw away the key. It’s the secrect ingrediant that you only need once. Yes, Once you have this single key ingrediant to add to your bread, you will never need it again.  

Natural Ingredients

Sourced from pure, organic grains, ensuring a wholesome and natural taste in every loaf.

Easy to Use

Perfect for beginners, our starter comes with simple instructions for creating artisan bread.

Rich Flavor

Experience deep, complex flavors in your bread, a hallmark of our quality sourdough starter.

Wild Yeast

Our carefully prepared starter is a wild caught 

Master the Art of Sourdough Bread making With Our Free Setup Instructions

  • Easy Activation: Comes alive quickly, ensuring a speedy start to your baking journey.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various bread types – from classic loaves to creative recipes.
  • Enhanced Texture: Produces bread with a perfect crust and soft, airy interior.
  • Health Benefits: Rich in probiotics, making it a healthier choice for your diet.


Excited to begin your sourdough journey? Rest assured, the process is simpler than it might seem. Here’s a basic roadmap to get you started:

1. Activate Your Starter!  Your order will come with detailed instructions for activating and maintaining your starter.  Soon I will have a video as well for the visual learners — Sorry I have been procrastinating!

2. Feed Your Starter:  Conveniently your starter’s favourite food is flour and water!  You will regularly add more flour and water to your starter to keep it active and bubbling.

3. Bake Amazing Bread: Once your starter is lively and active, you can use it as the leavening agent in your sourdough bread recipes.  There are so many great sourdough recipes readily available online, and I will link in the instructions to some of my favourites for first time bakers.  Just wait until you pull a freshly baked, homemade sourdough loaf from your oven!  

4. Experiment and Enjoy: Try making some bagels, english muffins, pizza dough, focaccia, or experiment with making loaves with those fancy flours you see at the farmer’s market and you always wondered who used.

What is a Sourdough Starter?

A sourdough starter is a living culture of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria that can be used to leaven (raise) bread and other baked goods. It’s a mixture of unique starter culture, flour, and water that, when combined and left to ferment, develops into a robust colony of microorganisms. These microorganisms interact to create the characteristic flavours, textures, and rise of sourdough bread. 
Sourdough bread is a fantastic source of resistant starch (look it up!) which can help your micro-biome flourish.   Finally, you make sourdough bread yourself with three simple ingredients, flour, salt and water.   

Sourdough Starters make more than just Loaves of Bread!

bagels, pancakes, waffles, pizza crusts, cinnamon rolls, desserts, amazing english muffins, and much much more. 

Imagine the aroma of fresh bread wafting through your home, a sensory delight made possible with our sourdough starter. This isn’t just bread; it’s an experience, a blend of textures and flavors that store-bought bread simply can’t match. Our starter ensures that each loaf you bake is not only delicious but also brimming with nutritional goodness. Accompany this description with a photo that showcases the finished bread, highlighting its golden crust and fluffy interior, perhaps a freshly baked loaf on a wooden table, ready to be slicedI.


Hear from Our Satisfied Bakers

I can’t imagine not starting my day with these breads. Since I have tried these , I have never moved back to any other bread. The consistency is phenomenal, I want my codes to be this consistent 🙂

Manish Singh

Software Engineer

I switched to making my own bread using this sourdough starter for health reasons, and I’ve been amazed by the results. Not only is the bread delicious, but it’s also easier on my digestive system. Plus, baking has become a fun, rewarding hobby for me. This starter is a staple in my pantry now!

Aryan Singh

BDA – AndromedaServices

I’ve incorporated this sourdough starter into my restaurant’s bread-making process, and the feedback from customers has been phenomenal. The consistency and quality it brings to our baked goods are unparalleled.

Hipolito Rivera

Bakery Owner

100% Money Back Guarantee

After following the instructions to get your sourdough starter started.

We 100% guareentee that our wild sourdough starter will activate, for you to be able to make some delicious sourdough bread and amazing sourdough treats.

If it doesn’t, than we will send you a full replacement sourdough starter ASAP.

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