How To Choose Plants: Insights From An Expert Nursery Grower

How to choose plants??When it comes to designing a garden, choosing the right trees can be a daunting task. There are several factors to consider—what purpose do you want your garden to serve? Are you aiming for aesthetics, practicality with edible plants, or a blend of both? In an ideal scenario, your garden would offer beauty while also providing sustenance for birds, bees, insects, and even furry creatures like squirrels and chipmunks. Explore with Little Tree Farms expert guidance, how to choose plants!!

Top Picks for Edible Plants

Here are my top five picks for edible plants that not only add to the allure of your garden but also serve various purposes:

1. Hazelnut Shrub


Hazelnut-Little Tree Farm
Hazelnut-Little Tree Farm

This small to medium-sized shrub stands 15-20 feet tall and 10 feet wide. It works well as a hedge when planted alongside other hazelnuts or as a striking standalone plant. While it tends to sucker, it doesn’t stray far from its original planting site—only about 2 feet each way. Moreover, hazelnuts attract a variety of nut-loving birds and creatures seeking winter nourishment.

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2. Black Walnut Tree

Black-Walnut- Little Tree Farm
Black-Walnut- Little Tree Farm

A majestic tree that commands attention, the black walnut grows up to 70 feet in height, boasting tropical-like foliage. Though it takes years to reach its full height, it drops edible nuts every autumn. These nuts can be collected, dried, and consumed, unless the squirrels beat you to it!

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3. Elderberry Shrub

Choose plants, Little Tree Farm - Elderberry
Little Tree Farm – Elderberry

Known for its rapid growth, the elderberry shrub is excellent as a hedge. Commercial growers often prune it to ground level in winter, witnessing astonishing growth of 6-9 feet the following summer. Its fragrant white flower clusters attract various pollinating insects and bees, and the plant itself is a magnet for fruit-loving birds.


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4. Black Currants

Choose plants,Black currant- Little Tree Farm
Black currant- Little Tree Farm

These delicious berries grow on a 4-foot shrub and thrive in dappled shade. With abundant berries from a single bush, they’re perfect for making jams, jellies, pies, and desserts. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, black currants are a hit with both humans and wildlife.


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5. Nanking Cherry

Choose plants, nanking cherry ripe fruit -Little Tree Farm
nanking cherry ripe fruit -Little Tree Farm

A sour cherry with the size of a blueberry, this 15-foot high shrub with an 8-foot spread produces beautiful pink cherry flowers in spring, followed by early summer fruit. Quick picking is essential as the cherries are sought after by both humans and birds alike.


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Deciduous Plant Characteristics

All these plants are deciduous, shedding their leaves in autumn and sprouting new foliage in spring. Each possesses its unique grace and beauty. If you’re passionate about cultivating trees and shrubs, consider including one or more of these plants in your garden or property.

Little Tree Farm’s Selection

For those interested, Little Tree Farm offers all these trees, available for purchase on their website. Click here to explore and acquire these fantastic plant varieties.


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